Another View: Girls’ Nights Out in Tel Aviv

Another View: Girls’ Nights Out in Tel Aviv

Girls’ Nights Out in Tel Aviv

Going out with the girls in Tel Aviv is one of those precious experiences that I refuse to give up on regardless of what I’m doing in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love girls nights in, sitting around someone’s living room, chilling and swigging wine.


However, once you have settled into a Tel Aviv lifestyle, with hot days, pleasant nights and a city pulse that runs 24/7, it’s hard to stay in watching Gossip Girl every day of the week. The overwhelming Cindy Lauper wave of “Girls just wanna have fun” will pass through your soul and you’ll know it’s time to put your face on, get dressed and get out there with your ladies!


There are many delightful places to go for a great girls' night out in Tel Aviv. Whether you're looking for a: trendy arty bar; an active party scene or a slap up meal and drinks, there’s ample supply. Either way, it’s all about discovering the best combination of drink, food, eye candy barmen and atmosphere.


Does it take planning? Motivation? A Credit Card?  - The answer to all three is basically - yes, but it’s definitely worth the effort.


Furthermore, I have taken the liberty of boozing, giggling and having a boogie in most of the places in this town so I have a few serious recommendations for you – It’s been a challenge but I have managed to break down a short list of 4 of my favorite places to go on a girl’s night out.




In no specific order:


Dalida at 7 Zvulun Street, roughly 15 minutes in a cab from the Tel Aviv beach hotels.

Zvulun Street has a contemporary, lively vibe which definitely feeds into most of the restaurants and bars in and around this street and Dalida is no exception. The staff is really friendly, helpful and down to earth. They have a stretched out happy hour from 5-7pm every day which includes drinks and certain items on the food menu.

The food is particularly attuned to the Israeli palate with many colorful vegetable filled salads, humus, breads, cheeses and pastas and a few meat and fish dishes spliced in there, just to keep the menu eclectic.

The cocktail menu is limited but don’t be fooled, Dalida went for quality and strength over quantity.  These are killer cocktails and not for the faint hearted. Remember in Israel there are no measuring glasses for shots. This means that if you get on with the barman – all your cocktails just doubled in strength.


French 57 at 2 Brenner Street, 12 minutes by foot from Sea Executive Suites, 20 minutes in heels.

There are places to go for cocktails and then there are places to stay at for cocktails. French 57 falls very comfortably into the second category. The skill that goes into crafting some of the most authentic and inspiring cocktails I’ve ever seen happens here, along with a groovy outdoor area, beautiful staff and a real feeling of New Orleans. The atmosphere is chilled and I promise, it will be one of those long nights getting hammered, laughing the night away.

Cocktails are down at 30 shekels between 6-9pm mid-week and the Grasshopper is not only a must but a great photo opportunity for the gang. The menu is pretty much all seafood apart from one or two dishes and it is delish. The presentation is artistic yet dashed with a Southern style. Oh yes and there is cheese cake for dessert – need I say more?


Café Nona, Ibn Gabirol 44, Ten minutes in a cab from Sea Executive Suites, longer in heels.

With a fairly priced food menu and a happy hour until 2am, Café Nona basically has to be on this list. The venue is open 24/7 making it a great stop before or after anywhere else.  From Sunday to Thursday Nona is 50% off all drinks and on top of that, the staff there may end up hitting you with freebies again and again.

Although their meal menu is pretty good, with sandwiches, salads and the usual above average fare - I really think you need to home in on the desserts. Many different cakes are available with Belgian chocolate, fruits and other tantalizingly creamy sugar filled love. The staff is superb even if you show up twice in the same day, such as dinner and then later on breakfast!


Concierge, Dizengoff 95, a 13 minute walk from Sea Executive Suites, 20 minutes in heels.

Concierge has a fantastic location and has a great patio, friendly indoor chill atmosphere and tasty as hell cocktails. This place is super trendy where you will find the bar on the first floor, which has regular DJs and the second floor is the restaurant. The music is ambient and the concept of the place is a cut above 99% of any other venues in the city.

The chef at Concierge is no fool, and his food creations are simply that, fabulous creations-truly, indulgent works of art. Concierge is the only place I have EVER taken a video of my dessert and posted it on Facebook without any shame, whatsoever. Not cheap but fantastically memorable, Concierge is a definite venue for a sparkly night out surrounded by beauty.

Every one of my choices is highly accessible, highly popular and hugely recommended – so grab your friends and go paint the town all shades of red!

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