Another view: May in Tel Aviv | Sea Executive Suites

Another view: May in Tel Aviv


As I sit desperately trying to fan myself through this mini heatwave on a glorious Tel Aviv beach, minutes away from the nearest ice-cream, I have a few seconds before I dive into the cool water to review how exciting this month has been so far.

I have my complimentary Sea Executive Suites sunblock and paddle by my side, so I can catch a game of “matkot” with a fellow beach dweller without the sun scorching my lily white skin. Apart from staying in a luxury suite at Sea Executive Suites (lucky me) I have been busy as a bee, eating drinking and getting involved in the life in and around Tel Aviv throughout May.

With Remembrance Day and Israeli Independence Day stretching into a long weekend – the four day break has meant a lot of great food, parties and drinking. I checked in at several pre-Independence Day Parties in Sputnik and Duplex and drank my way through every boutique Israeli beer I could get my hands on.

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