With today’s society becoming more and more tech-savvy, and with media, both print and social, becoming increasing visual-focused, Instagram and Tel Aviv are as perfectly intertwined for their of-the-moment mentalities. On an average day, TLV city tastemakers document their daily lives, experiences, places and events through Instagram, offering unique insight into Tel Aviv from a wide-range of angels, from art, design and fashion to health, photography and nightlife. In keeping up with this increasing influential (and inspiring) love affair between local Tel Avivians and Instagram, we’ve sourced the web and the city for the most visually-stimulating Instagram profiles to date, offering insight into the latest and greatest happenings in Tel Aviv. Afterwards, check our Sea Executive Suites Instagram page to receive a insightful glimpse into the seafront property we've all come to love.

  • @OhSoArty, the official account of Sarah Peguine, a Belgium-born, Tel Aviv-transplant epitomized as the key insider into the city’s thriving art gallery scene. Oh So Arty also organizes art tours of Tel Aviv, include expert insight into ongoing and current exhibitions, as well as glimpses into the actual studios of local designers, artists and creatives.
  • @Dailydoodlegram, A cute project started by Israeli artist Geffen Refaeli, who posts one doodle, sketch or hand-drawn design each day of the week, most often with humorous imagery and playful words and illustrations
  • @PlatformaBlogs, If fashion is your bag, check out the Platforma Blog’s official Instagram page, which provides key insight into the newest designs, brands and fashion concepts of Tel Aviv’s emerging fashion scenes
  • @TelAvivian, has become the go-to source for the latest intel into Tel Aviv’s most creative, notable and visible tastemakers, from architecture and design to nightlife, fashion and music. This Instagram account will give you a general, yet niche insight into Tel Aviv as a cultural and creative hotspot.
  • @David_Pearl, A local artist and graphic designer who is apparently obsessed with taking playful portraits of friends and colleagues, and of course, his photogenic Dalmatian that appears in nearly every other image. David is also a nightlife connoisseur  and DJ, and throws a monthly LGBT party series at The Block nightclub.
  • @JenniferAbessira, Self-made, Bezalel-taught artist, Jennifer Abessira is one of Tel Aviv’s most intriguing online characters, posting snippets of her daily life, studio work and darkly, humorous posts that somehow shine rays of happiness and laughter through her Instagram feed. Jennifer’s work can be seen in exhibitions around Tel Aviv, and to know more, check out her daily photo and video content on Instagram for a glimpse into the life of this uber-talented TLV creative.
  • @TeddyCo, A local graphic design whiz known for its widely-lauded branding campaigns and web development, Tel Aviv nightlife fixture Teddy Cohen can be found just about anywhere in the city on any given night. But the real humor stems from Teddy’s ironic, vivid and intelligently composed photography posted onto his Instagram on a regular basis
  • @KloneYourself, the Soviet Russia-born, Tel Aviv resident is a world-renowned street artist and illustrator and a local impresario literally changing the faces of Tel Aviv’s industrial zones on the outskirts of the city. Klone Yourself’s Instagram feed offers insights, vignettes and visual poetry according to the creative stylings of the self-taught artist.
  • @TheUrbanShaman, Healthy food + healthy activity equals healthy living. The mysterious being behind The Urban Shaman offers a different taste of Tel Aviv’s often gluttonous, indulgent activities, and is a positive outlook of fresh juice programs, detoxification tips and fitness activities.

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