The Beauty of Rain

The Beauty of Rain

In a country obsessed with water - the abundance of beaches, the scarcity of drinking water - rain is a huge occasion. Since it's not everyday that it rains, a rainy day becomes a cause for celebration as well as a... well, somewhat less predictable day if you're not prepared with a good umbrella and/or stuck in the traffic. Good thing, then, that we have our own stock of Sea Executive Suitesl umbrellas at the ready. Rainy Nahalt Binyamin via

Going anywhere with a roof, and especially visiting a museum or going to the movies, is especially fun in the rain, but to tell you the truth, our favorite thing to do is make ourselves (and whomever else is near) a huge cup of coffee, cuddle on the sofa and gaze at the rainy beach from the hotel lobby. After all, it would be sunny again in minutes (most of the time) or hours, so why not savor it? There's something very romantic and mysterious about the rain when you're so used to sunshine and summer.

Tel Aviv after a storm, via TLVspot

 We recently came across TLVspot, a website started by a group of people whom are passionate about Tel Aviv and art and whose goal is to capture the essence of the city through photography and other media sources. It's such a treat seeing Tel Aviv through the eyes of Photographers Evgeniy AverboukhEvgeniy Alterman and designer Anna Abramovich. We found their photos of rainy Tel Aviv to be especially compelling, so we just had to share... Do you agree? Click the photos to see the photos in full size and don't miss Evgeniy's gorgeous video of Tel Aviv in the rain. Just that sound of raindrops can make us giddy with excitement and craving a bowl of popcorn and a fun rom-com DVD. rainy beach in tel aviv rainy ocean tel aviv

Rainy Tel Aviv promenade on

Tel Aviv after a storm

Rainy Nachlat Binyamin market

Bright lights, rainy city

First October rain at Tel Aviv


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