Another View: Entertaining kids in Tel Aviv

Another View: Entertaining kids in Tel Aviv

Entertaining kids in Tel Aviv

If you have sprogs of your own I’m sure you are aware of the potential planning nightmare involved in taking children on holiday: from the varieties of special kid friendly, (bank-account unfriendly) sun-blocks to the entire wardrobe you have to take in a special over-sized bag to the beach.


It’s all terribly hard work and yet – it’s never enough. The kids need you to spice it up every day; they need to do something they haven’t done before– every – single – day.


So given that the beach is not going to completely cover all the bases I have reviewed four family orientated pit stops and events for you to take children to on your Tel Aviv break. As a side note, most restaurants and eateries are very child friendly. Unlike many European cities you will not be looked down upon for having crying, loud, difficult infants and as long as you leave a nice tip, it’s a positive enough experience.


Ha Tachana

Tel Aviv’s Old Train Station at 1 Kaufman St is situated between Neve Tzedek and the old part of Jaffa and it’s a real family pleasure. There are galleries, restaurants and kids shows daily with street performers and acrobatics.

The performances are free and are every Saturday in mid and peak season they run on Saturdays from 1pm until about 4 pm. The shows are about 40 minutes long and include clowns, jugglers and acrobatics. 

There is a 3D journey ride for children that may or may not go down well with yours, depending on their interest in history or 3D things. This is available all week long from 2-8 pm and also on weekends. Tickets can be bought from HaTachana in buildings 5 or 13 from between 10-20 shekels a head.

The drinks, ice creams and general food fare in this area are not cheap at all. Be warned.



HaYarkon Park

Although the park is for everyone, they do a lot of children’s events throughout the summer.  There are ceramics painting randomly plotted along the paths, sports activities and the river itself with paddle and rowing boats. In addition if the children are old enough there is a climbing wall to practice rock climbing and a Rock Garden.

There are many play areas, with swings and slides and one specific area with an ergonomically designed version of this approximately at the bridge nearest to the corner of Rokach and Ibn Givrol.

You are likely to spot many children games in and around trees marked with balloons such as singing and dancing to loud music and eating cake. These are not public events and are organized private birthday parties.

Source: Ha'Yarkon Park




Ramat Gan Safari

Although not cheap, this is an event that takes up several hours and is both educational and fun for children up to the age of around 10, depending on how much time they spend on their cell phones.

There is a huge variety of rather exceptional animals and a petting zoo. It is also next to Ramat Gan Park which is a large area also complete with various activities similar, but not as wide ranging as the Hayarkon Park.


Island Park, Azrieli Mall

I am not sure if I would call this a water park but there is a lot of water there. On the third floor of the Azrieli Mall on Hashalom Road, is a fantastic pirate adventure suitable at my estimate for the under 12s and good for about 2 hours.

There is swimming and bungees and water slides. The food is a little limited, with the standard hot dogs, popcorn and other unhealthy but “fun” kids’ cuisine. The biggest bonus about the Island Park is that if you are with another adult, you can go shopping in the Mall.

Don’t forget to go to to check out events the days you re in town and you can always type into Facebook to ask about various other events

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